Tactile Player - Control your music player with your phones hard buttons.

Control your music player with your phone's hard buttons! Finally you don't have to take out your phone, unlock the screen, and navigate to your music player just to change the song. With Tactile Player you can change the song just by using your phone's volume and power buttons.
Double Press the volume UP key for NEXT.
Double Press the volume DOWN key for PREVIOUS.
Triple Press the Power key to toggle PAUSE/PLAY. (You can change this to double press or never if you like).
Simple as that.
Tactile Player supports most stock players (the "Music" app) along with third party media players such as:
PowerAMP, Pandora, Google Listen, doubleTwist, PlayerPro, Amazon MP3, Mixzing and most other popular media players (check the Simulate Headset Buttons option).
Now you can use your favorite music player and control it with your phone's tactile buttons, thanks to Tactile Player. Try it out. 

Endless Maze, will Bob ever escape?

Help Bob escape from the endless maze, get the app today!
Check it out here :
Endless Maze, help Bob an alien find his way out of random physics based mazes.
Endless Maze is a fun puzzle game where you help Bob, an alien who saved the earth, try to find his way out of an endless maze.
Play through 50 levels of physics based mazes that keep getting bigger and bigger. All mazes are randomly generated and will never be the same. The mazes, as well as Bob, are physics based so have fun rolling Bob around and watching him bumb into countless walls.
Move Bob around using the accelerometer or your finger. Pan through larger mazes that fill past the screen with 2 fingers.
You can also generate random mazes to play anytime.
Keep track of how fast you completed each level in the highscores menu.
Bob stopped his fellow aliens from invading the earth, but back on his home planet he was imprisoned in an endless maze.
Get Endless Maze and help Bob escape!